Katrina Grace

Back in July, my middle child & I were on our way to spend some rare mommy/daughter time together at the County Fair. I brought my camera so we could stop first and get some updated pictures of Katrina. Though we had a blast at the fair, these moments where all of my focus was solely on her are the most cherished.

Katrina is truly a young girl growing into her beauty. As each year passes, a little more of her beauty is revealed. As a baby and toddler, Katrina barely smiled. Her pictures always reveal a very stern face. Even now, she is a somewhat serious girl. Because of this, radiant smiles such as the ones I captured on this particular summer day are a precious gift.

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i heart faces – Beautiful Eyes

Suddenly this morning, I realized what my entry had to be for this week’s photo challenge.  Presenting (again) Miss Esther Mae…and her beautiful eyes!

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Photography & Family

This is my youngest son. One of the apples of my eye. I have 7 of them (children, not eyes!). Plus a husband. These are my treasures.

Lately, I’ve been a bit envious in seeing the time & money other photographers seem to be able to put into their businesses. They’re constantly editing new shoots, excited about the up-coming wedding they’re doing, and buying new equipment. To be honest with you, I’ve not had a shoot since May. Two months. No appointments on the calendar in the near-future, either. No business results in no new equipment. More to the point, no business results in feelings of insecurity.

However, I realized something this week. Again, so-and-so just had a great shoot and so-and-so was buying more equipment. I realized that a lot of photographers either don’t have a husband & children or they (a) have just a couple, (b) don’t spend a lot of time with them/homeschool them/lead their children’s homeschool co-op/etc., or (c) can actually do it all.

Something tells me “C” is the rare exception.

While other photographers are keeping busy & I am growing more envious, I have something that they may actually envy – a sweet family who loves me. My time and my money are invested in them. Instead of buying a new lens, my son & I took a trip this past weekend that we will remember the rest of our lives. Instead of a better camera, my daughter got an all-you-can-ride pass & cotton candy at the County Fair. Instead of being booked solid with shoots, I was able to share in our annual tradition of the local Fireman’s Parade…and capture the look on one of the sweetest faces in the world to me.

Through this realization, photography has become more enjoyable for me and, instead of being envious, I am happy for successful photographers. I’ll get business when I get it. In the meantime, I am booked solid giving and receiving something worth far more than cash & a 70/200 mm…tons of LOVE.

Baby Esther

This past weekend, my oldest son & I went down to Virginia to attend events surrounding the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Manassas. While there, we stayed with my “sis” and her family.

In Esther’s first year, I have only seen her one other time, so it was wonderful to spend some time getting to know her better. She was teething and it was hot all weekend – and, still, she was a fun baby to be around!! Can’t wait to see her again. I snapped a few photos just before we left for NY on Monday morning.

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Caledonia Fireman’s Parade

"The Cozy" - where the locals meet for good food(click on photo to view entire gallery)

My mom recently moved back to her home-town & I’m so glad as they have the best parades. I think part of it is because everyone is like one big happy family – something you don’t see a lot of anymore.

Last week at their Fireman’s Parade (the largest parade in their large county), I saw a kinship among the firemen, I saw school spirit march by in the form of a band and cheerleaders, I saw families having fun together as they marched and passed out candy, I saw farmers not only proud of their profession, but honored by others, as well. I saw small-town friendliness in a world that becomes less friendly each year.

So, let’s hear it for the small-town. Let the trumpets blow, tap your foot to the beat of the drums, cheer with the cheerleaders as they pass. C-A-L-E-D-O-N-I-A!!!!!!

i heart faces – Bright & Vivid

When I saw what the photo challenge was going to be this week, I immediately knew this was the picture I was going to enter.  Personally, i heart it!  🙂

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Rochester Memorial Day Parade 2011

The mounted police are always a favoriteSome shots of our city’s parade last week.

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OPBBC Memorial Day Parade 2011

Our church has taken part in our city’s Memorial Day Parade for the last several years. What a beautiful day it was today and what a time our families had in honoring our fallen heroes and Jesus Christ.

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I recently did a senior session at a nearby waterfall. Afterwards, I got a few shots of my beautiful assistant, who also happens to be my sweet daughter.

Father & Daughter

Just a couple of shots I got this past weekend during our homeschool presentation night.

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